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EXPLORE wellness through the lens of homeopathy. A system of natural medicine that revitalizes health by discovering the root cause of disease.

The longer I practice, the deeper I understand health and disease through a unique alternative lens. Homeopathic care is a class of natural medicine, like no other form of healing.

I invite you into the world of Homeopathy, but I warn you that you may forever be captivated by its potential. Homeopathy is one of the few fields of medicine that can address the root cause of symptoms to restore total health.

My passion is healthy families!

I began using homeopathy about fifteen years ago with the birth of our first child. Today we primarily, use homeopathy as a main form of medicine in our home. I enjoy sharing knowledge and encouraging others. Preparing families to cope with reemerging childhood illnesses, educating families on how to support a healthy lifestyle in the home, and supporting the childbearing family through conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum are just a few of my favorite topics. It brings me much happiness to see the unique support homeopathy can give to individuals of a family.

The Consultations

Inviting a Homeopath into your healing journey is an intimate experience. Our bodies are miraculous works of creation. They possess intricate divine technology that can heal or create chaos within ourselves. In the presence of fear, trauma, shock, and strain, we become susceptible to disease, but we have a choice to choose freedom from this bondage. I invite you to take a step into this trusted journey and imagine your body is working for you and that it knows to protect and sustain you no matter what hardship or symptoms present. Please consider that you were made for such a time, and a body that creates symptoms can restore them.

Coaching Sessions

Pregnancy & Childbirth

This appointment is focused primarily on pregnancy, birth and the weeks beyond. During this appointment we will discuss preparing you and your partner to use homeopathy to support childbirth. You will also receive a complementary guide to childbirth handout to help you make your own homeopathic kit for your labour!

HP & First Year of Life

Your baby’s first year of life is one of the most important times you will ever have to impact immunity.  In this coaching session, learn about Homeoprophylaxis and how to support childhood illness.  This session comes with an HP Reference Guide to administer your HP choices through the first three years.

Homeopathic First Aid Remedies

Equip your home with the assurance of first aid homeopathic remedies.  This coaching session will outline 36 of the most common acute remedies that will cover you in many first aid situations. 

Dental Package

Families flourish together with healthy smiles.  In this coaching session, you will learn about the top remedies to keep close to assure your family’s dental health is robust.  In addition, you will receive a guide to using tissue salts and recommendations to start your journey to optimal dental health.


What others are saying


Katie made the impossible… possible. She has a heart of gold & a gentle demeanor that warms your heart. She has a passion for healing & gathers from sources around the world to find answers. She was very determined to help us & we found healing, thanks to her beautiful work, intuition, research & passion. She taught me how to care for my family with Homeopathy & we are forever grateful.


Being a homeopath myself, I know how to spot a good one! Katie is the best. So kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable. She’s helped my family through a lot; I’m so grateful for her & thankful I can call her my friend & my homeopath.

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→ Pregnancy & Childbirth
→ HP & First Year of Life
→ Homeopathic First Aid Remedies
→ Dental Package