About Katie

The longer I practice, the deeper I understand health and disease through a unique alternative lens. Homeopathic care is a class of natural medicine, like no other form of healing. I invite you into the world of Homeopathy, but I warn you that you may forever be captivated by its potential. Homeopathy is one of the few fields of medicine that can address the root cause of symptoms to restore total health.

As a compassionate mother and nurse, I found becoming a homeopath a very holistic step in furthering my practice. Natural medicine has enabled me to fulfill my utmost desire to witness people recover from illness. In addition, my inquiring mind has generated countless hours of research and study into my patient’s well-being. Many of my clients will say they have never had such a thorough assessment or that no one has ever taken the time to hear their story. I embrace everyone’s story individually because I have learned the value of someone’s personal experience. The treasure of homeopathy lies in its ability to address individuality to achieve whole health on the mental, emotional, and physical systems simultaneously. This distinction of uniqueness makes everyone’s experience of their symptoms very relevant and worthy to me.


More about me:

Katie is a Registered Nurse and Classical Homeopath. She is a graduate of Homeopathic Medicine from the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine. Katie is traditionally trained as a Registered Nurse and holds a current registration with The College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta. She spent most of her nursing practice in labor and delivery and cardiology/thoracic surgery. She has served as the President of the Alberta Homeopathic Association since 2016. She is certified in Homeopathic Detox Therapy and trained with Issac Golden in Homeoprophylaxis. Additionally, Katie is Certified in Human Chemistry & Human Detox Therapy, a specialized training skill set to complement Classical Homeopathic care. 


What others are saying:


Prior to meeting Katie and exploring alternatives besides main line pharmaceuticals, I suffer from migraines 15-20 days out of a month. These migraines caused blurred vision, extreme pain, nausea and sometimes I would get physically sick. My migraines would get to the point where I could not function at work or in every day life. I would have to get to somewhere dark, quiet and sleep.

Days before my menstrual cycle would start, I would get physically sick, and headaches got worse to the point where I could not function, I always had diarrhea when I have my migraines as well.

I have suffered from migraines and brutal menstrual cycles for at least 25 years and as I age the migraines and cycles symptoms have increased in intensity and gotten worse.

I am currently in my 4th week of the HDT remedies & protocol with Katie and I have gone through 2 menstrual cycles and have not even noticing that my cycle is about to start. I have not gotten sick days before or during my menstrual cycle and have not had any of the previous signs or symptoms. When it comes to migraines and headaches, I have gone from 15-20 days a month to headaches only (knock on wood) for 3 days a month and they are manageable, the have also reduced in intensity.


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