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Payment for your consultation can be made in Canadian or US Dollars, GBP or Euros.

We accept Paypal, credit card or electronic bank transfers.

Payment is typically required at the time of booking, however in some instances payment can be made after the consultation. In this case you will be sent an invoice after the appointment. Payment options are secure and convenient, you can pay by clicking directly on the invoice and either select to enter your card details or pay with a PayPal account.

For acute appointments, a virtual consent form complete will need to be completed.


Finding the correct timezone


I book all my appointments in Mountain Standard Time, Edmonton, Canada/North America.

Please consider the time zone you live in when booking your appointment. Prior to booking your appointment, confirm your current time zone to ensure you do not miss your appointment time. Time Zone Buddy is one application I recommend to use. Please note, all appointments will be charged 50% of the consultation fee if you miss your time of booking.


Katie has been caring for our family for over three years and is very knowledgeable. I always feel confident in her prescriptions and love the fact that she is always willing to work with and support us in our choices. She has seen us through some tough times and provided valuable support for our daughter. We began using homeopathy when our daughter was born and it has been quite the learning curve but Katie has been instrumental in the transition from Western medicine and has held our hands through the process and continues to do so.

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→ Free 15 Minute Meet & Greet
→ Initial Consultation, 90 minutes
→ Follow up Consultation, 60 minutes
→ Client check-in, 10 minutes
→ Acute Consultation, 15 minutes


→ Pregnancy & Childbirth
→ HP & First Year of Life
→ Homeopathic First Aid Remedies
→ Dental Package