Brace yourselves!

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The weather is shifting here in Western Canada and overnight fall has arrived. As we rush to beat the bitterness of the northern chill that is moving in, we are enjoying the last treasures of summer and the tender gifts of our harvest. The preparations of homemade goodness in the kitchen are brewing and I’m pleasantly thankful for the amount of hard work this week has brought. Ferments are now hidden away in the dark to do their magic, tomatoes and zucchini are transforming into blends of aromatic sauces full of brilliant colours and nutrition. We are sipping on cider while our wounds heal from picking the sea buckthorn berries. All this work and prickling pain for the sake of feeding our bodies to endure another long winter. Food is medicine and we do the best we can to supplement with whole food Vitamin A, C, D, zinc and so on, but part of our earthly experience is encountering illness from time to time.

I am excited to share with you that I am in the process of taking my practice to the world! I’m preparing to be a part of an international team providing Homeopathy to people 24 hours a day. This makes Homeopathy accessible, anytime and anywhere. Catch me on “Homeopathy with Kate” my new Facebook page for up to date happenings on what is upcoming! More to come!