Inviting a Homeopath into your healing journey is an intimate experience. Our bodies are miraculous works of creation. They possess intricate divine technology that can heal or create chaos within ourselves. In the presence of fear, trauma, shock, and strain, we become susceptible to disease, but we have a choice to choose freedom from this bondage. I invite you to take a step into this trusted journey and imagine your body is working for you and that it knows to protect and sustain you no matter what hardship or symptoms present. Please consider that you were made for such a time, and a body that creates symptoms can restore them.


Planning Your First Consultation

An initial consult is your most significant investment. Prior to the appointment you will be emailed intake forms and a consent form to fill out and return via email.

During this appointment, I like to meet with you for one to two hours to learn your complete health history, including previous lab work you have had done and review of past medical interventions. To individualize your care, I often spend additional time working on your care plan after the appointment, and you will receive an email prescription after that. In addition, you will receive password-protected access to a professional dispensary, which enables you to order your homeopathy independently, or all local clients receive an email when their homeopathic prescription is ready for pick up. Finally, you will receive details about when and how to take your remedy and look after and store your remedies.


Follow up & Acute Consultations

Depending on the severity of your complaints, you can expect to follow up in 4 – 6 weeks initially. However, if you or your child falls ill between visits and needs a separate consultation, I offer acute telephone, email, and virtual appointments. Acute appointments are for those complaints which arise suddenly and tend to be relatively short-lived.

A follow-up appointment is a time to discuss your progress and revisit your reason for initially coming to a homeopath. In this 45-minute detailed meeting, we review any changes and your care plan for continued support, which will be individualized for you.


Booking Internationally

Consultations may be booked from anywhere in the world! This means you get to choose your time zone when booking on my website.

Virtual Consultations

Your appointment can take place on a virtual platform. I most commonly use Zoom because of the quality of video and schedule conveniences. However, I also can offer Skype, What’s App, or FaceTime. It is optimal to find a private, quiet place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the consult. Movement, noise, and an unstable wifi connection will affect the quality of the video and appointment.


Katie has been caring for our family for over three years and is very knowledgeable. I always feel confident in her prescriptions and love the fact that she is always willing to work with and support us in our choices. She has seen us through some tough times and provided valuable support for our daughter. We began using homeopathy when our daughter was born and it has been quite the learning curve but Katie has been instrumental in the transition from Western medicine and has held our hands through the process and continues to do so.

Keep up to date


→ Free 15 Minute Meet & Greet
→ Initial Consultation, 90 minutes
→ Follow up Consultation, 60 minutes
→ Client check-in, 10 minutes
→ Acute Consultation, 15 minutes


→ Pregnancy & Childbirth
→ HP & First Year of Life
→ Homeopathic First Aid Remedies
→ Dental Package